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When writing e-mails to your professors, here are five conventions you should follow (inspired by the e-mail charter):

  1. Include a short, informative subject line that explains what the email is about.
  2. Include a greeting in your email, such as “Dear Professor [last name]” or “Hi Professor [last name].”
  3. Be clear and concise. Write short messages, make clear requests, get to your point rapidly. Say what you need in 2-4 sentences and ideally ask for simple answers (like yes or no).
  4. Sign the email with your full name and the course number. For example: Jane Doe, ENGL 311.
  5. Before hitting the send button, review your message’s punctuation and spelling.

ABOVE ALL: before you write, ensure that you have read the course outline in full. Usually the answer you’re looking for is there.


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