Getting Started

To post to this course blog, follow these steps:

  1. Start by getting an account on UCalgaryblogs.
  2. Then get an account on this blog by clicking on ‘Register’ on the home page. The password is in the course outline.

Dr. Ullyot has written these guidelines, and also these, to help you write blog posts that are also effective critical writing.

Your tone can be informal first-person (using “I”), but for full marks, your language must be correct and your structure must move readers from topic to argument, and introduction to conclusion. Your posts should use hyperlinks, and/or embedded multimedia, to enhance your argument or illustrate your claims. (The guidelines show you how, and give you models to follow.)

Don’t forget to (1) use one of the preset categories for your post; (2) add your own tags; (3) include your full name in the title of your post (e.g. “Eleanor Example: Scene Comparison“); and (4) post a short-link of the blog to social media using with hashtag #engl311.

  • Unsure how to use UCalgaryBlogs? Need a rubric? Find details here.
  • Unsure how to insert images, videos, or SoundCloud files? Find detailed instructions here.

Posting to the Course Blog: A Visual Guide

Note: These images are from a previous course blog, but you get the idea. Behind the blog’s interface, everything else looks the same.

  1. Make sure that you have added yourself to the blog.Upload1
  2. Once you are successfully added, you can begin blogging. Ensure that you have “The English 311 Blog” in the header of the site. Hover over this header title to find “Dashboard”, this will allow you to post on the course blog.Upload2
  3. When you click “Dashboard” it will bring you to a screen where you can click “Posts”, then “Add New”. Once you click “Add New” a writing prompt will appear for you to publish your post.Upload3
  4. Please make sure that you are NOT posting to We cannot view these sites and thus you will not receive marks. To check whether you are or not, look at the header title (which should be “The English 311 Blog”).