Cailin Murphy: Notes Reflection

For my second blog post I decided to write about the prompt that asked to reflect upon our note taking and how our methods attributed to our success in English 311. Throughout the course I predominantly took notes during class lectures. I used two notebooks to write down key ideas, themes, language choices, and any other elements that I found to be significant within class discussions or readings. I found that these notes became lesser in regards to page lengths, but increasingly more precise as the semester went on. This was because I was learning what was truly noteworthy to the piece or I began picking out what was going to further or add to the discussion topic. When looking deeper into my first notebook of lecture notes, I noticed that that this was a common theme as the semester progressed. My notes became more focused, and in turn, so did my ideas. I found it humorous that I could tell when I found the material of a particular class to not be interesting to me. I would see doodles within the margins or small drawings of stick people and flowers. I also found a page on which I practiced my cursive handwriting skills as well as my signature, just being honest!

To transition to into my method of note taking while watching film reflection, I found that my tendencies were similar. I found it was helpful to watch the film as well as read or follow along with the text version of the play. This way I was able to hear the tone of voice from the actors to get a more accurate portrayal of emotion or meaning of the particular scene. This method also allowed me to write in the margins of the text version of how an actor interpreted a scene to help me create meaning if something was unclear. I would recommend this method of note taking to anyone familiar or not to reading Shakespeare plays. I also found it beneficial when trying to complete my other assignments in this course, like the close reading assignment. To answer the next question posed as to how these note taking and inquiry methods determined my success, I would say that if anything they allowed me to deepen my understanding of the text at hand. To at first create meaning for myself with an initial read of the text, then match my interpretations to the meanings created when I followed along with my notes as well as film.

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